The power of prediction.

When TROVE Solvers meet client data, something beautiful happens.

Case studies in making data useful.

Increasing Reliability through the Power of Prediction

SOLVER Asset Lifecycle Management

See how TROVE used AI to help an electric utility launch a predictive outage-prevention program to improve the reliability of an entire distribution region.

Understanding Millennials

SOLVER Customer Lifecycle Management

A regional bank wanted to understand Millennials better to predict successful long-term banking relationships. See how TROVE helped.

Solving for Reliability, Safety and Asset Management

SOLVER Transmission

Learn how TROVE executes a proof of concept approach with their suite of Transmission Solvers™ to yield one leading utility multi-million-dollar savings and double-digit ROIs.

Predictive Data Science Delivers Precision Forecasting


Understanding which demand-response enrollees will reliably shed load when called upon is a high-stakes challenge. See how one utility tapped TROVE to improve its demand-response forecasts by 30-40%.

A Data-Driven Approach to Customer Retention

SOLVER Customer

See how one company is using TROVE to accurately "score" customers according to their propensity to churn, enabling the company to better serve and keep them. 

Predictive Data Science Sharpens Hourly Load Forecasting


A utility company turned to TROVE to parse its smart-meter data and mesh it with the SCADA and other sensor data being captured at the sub-station level to produce an accurate hourly forecast between the substation and the meter. 


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